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Enterprises face enormous challenges in analyzing data to get timely, accurate information to the right users when they need it in order to make smarter, more informed decisions. Users are demanding solutions that will help them gain a competitive edge over their rivals, capitalize on new revenue opportunities and deliver sustainable performance across the enterprise.

Xfinigent can help companies easily access business-critical information with the extensive knowledge of advanced Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions to substantially enhance their bottom line. Our combined expertise in this area has helped a number of companies tackle various business challenges and tailor solutions to meet their unique business needs.


  • Connectors to natively connect databases, flat files, cloud-based applications and more data.
  • Tools to speed design, testing, and generation of code in the languages you need.
  • Zero to Big Data - We can help with one-time ETL projects to complex, ongoing data synchronization projects requiring thousands of jobs.
  • Simplify the integration of Big Data so you can respond to business demands without having to write or maintain complicated Apache Hadoop code.
  • Help with leveraging the full power of Hadoop and accelerate your path to informed decisions.
  • Ability to connect all your data and applications in the cloud or on-premise.